When visiting a new city, a big part of your overall experience is how well you're able to explore everything the city has to offer. Sightseeing is an important component of that experience and also the most time consuming in terms of the planning involved. There's a lot to figure out, including the optimal route to visit all the attractions, transport options, and time. If the thought of all this planning and effort is putting you off the idea of going on a trip, we have an alternative. A hop-on hop-off tour is the perfect solution for your sightseeing woes. Like the name suggests, a hop on hop off tour allows you to explore the city on your own terms by getting off at an attraction on the tour route and getting on the next HOHO bus after you're done exploring it.

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How do hop on hop off tours work?

A hop on hop off tour is a convenient way to explore a city, without having to worry about figuring out transport options and planning itineraries. Most HOHO tours follow the same basic concept: a pre-planned route is available, which will be informed to visitors, and a comfortable tour bus will stop at each stop on the route. The stops will cover almost every major attraction in the city, ensuring that tourists get to experience everything there's to a city. Now comes the HOHO advantage. You can not only get off at the stop of your choice but get on the next bus on the route.

Things get even better because certain HOHO tour operators offer multiple routes within a city and allow you to switch between the routes when you wish to. The multiple routes also allow you experience the different flavors of a city in a planned manner. In fact, you can opt for a different route on each day of your trip to experience everything the city is known for. This unprecedented level of convenience makes a HOHO tour the perfect way to discover a new city. 

Apart from the sightseeing aspect, a HOHO tour also handily solves your transport woes. Normally, when exploring a city, you'll have to shuffle between different transport options throughout the day to get from one attraction to the other. This hassle is non-existent when you opt for a HOHO tour because a bus will take you to all the attractions you need to visit.

Why hop on hop off tours are the best way to explore a city?

Overview of the city

One of the biggest advantages of exploring a city through a hop on hop off tour is that you get to explore the entire city without having to indulge in any planning. A HOHO tour is designed to give you a complete look at the city you're visiting and includes all the attractions that are a must-visit. In fact, for bigger cities, there are multiple routes available that cover its entire length and breadth. For a tourist visiting a city for the first time, there's no better way to discover it than a HOHO tour. You won't have to fear missing out on a key attraction because the itinerary provided by the tour operator is carefully crafted to include all major attractions.


Ease of getting around: Another hassle involved with exploring a city is figuring out the transport options available at your disposal. That is not a concern when you choose a HOHO tour. With this tour, you'll get to travel within the city on a comfortable bus, which will stop at numerous must-visit attractions. Given that transport is one of the biggest reasons for unnecessary expenditure when traveling, a HOHO tour is the perfect cost-effective solution. You just have to get one HOHO tour ticket and explore the entire city without spending anything else on travel.

Various routes to choose from

Another reason why a HOHO tour is a great option to explore a new city is because most tour operators offer many different routes you can choose from. Each route is based on a certain theme and covers attractions that fit that theme. Generally, the routes are color coded and you'll be provided with a map before the start of your journey that lists out the different routes and the stops included in each of those routes. Depending on what your preferences are, you can start with a particular route and switch midway to another route if you wish.

Informative commentary

Most HOHO tours include either an actual guide or an audio guide. Depending on which city you’re touring, your guide will be available in English and the primary local language. Some HOHO tours also have multilingual audio guides with support of up to 10 languages. These guides will not only keep you informed about the attractions you visit but also make your overall experience memorable. Without a guide, you’ll just be looking at beautiful buildings without understanding their significance.


In terms of savings, a HOHO tour is a better option than most other day tours for many reasons. For instance, HOHO tours are generally much cheaper than other tours. If you compare the cost of a HOHO tour with exploring the city on your own, the former works out to be much cheaper. If you opt for the latter, you’ll end up spending a lot of money on just getting around the city. A HOHO tour on the other hand allows you to travel around the city without having to pay anything beyond the cost of the ticket.

Entry ticket discounts

Another advantage of a HOHO ticket is that you can get great discounts on the entry tickets for certain attractions. The attractions with discounted entry will be informed to you before the tour begins. Apart from the discounts, you can also enjoy free Wi-Fi on the bus.

Hop on hop off tour inclusions

Access to all the designated stops and routes

Your hop on hop off ticket includes restriction-free access to all the designated stops and routes offered by a particular tour operator. For instance, you can stop at an attraction in the red route and take the next bus on the blue route without having to pay any additional money.

Free Wi-Fi

Another useful inclusion in your hop on hop off tour is free Wi-Fi. This is especially useful if you're looking for information on the next attraction in the route to decide if it's worth visiting. The availability of free Wi-Fi also ensures you stay connected to your loved ones.

Audio-guides in more than 10 languages

Depending on the tour operator you pick, you'll be provided with audio guides for your HOHO tour. These audio guides are available in more than 10 languages and offer interesting insights about all the attractions that are covered in a particular route.

Multilingual commentary

Some HOHO tours also come equipped with a live guide on the bus. This trained and knowledgeable guide will share interesting facts about the attractions you cover in the tour. You can even ask questions about the attractions to the guide and mostly these guides are multilingual so language is never a barrier.

Free walking tours, guided tours, sightseeing cruise

Another great inclusion that's generally a part of HOHO tours is freebies. These freebies vary from tour operator and usually include free walking tours, guided tours and sightseeing cruise. Other freebies include detailed map of the city, water, and even refreshments.

Top Hop On Hop Off Tours

Big Bus Tour

Amongst the largest operator of open-top sightseeing bus tours in the world, Big Bus Tours was originally two separate companies; Big Bus Company Ltd and Les Cars Rouges. Now, the tour operator is available in over 20 cities, spread across four continents. Common inclusions for Big Bus HOHO tours include open-top buses, pre-recorded commentary via headphones and onboard guides for certain tours. For larger cities, river cruises and walking tours are also included with selected tickets. Presently, Big Bus Tours operates in Abu Dhabi, Berlin, Budapest, Chicago, Darwin, Dubai, Dublin, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, Miami, Muscat, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Rome, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Vienna, Washington and D.C.

City Sightseeing

Available in more than 130 cities across the globe, City Sightseeing is an open-top, double-decker sightseeing tour bus operator. Apart from HOHO bus tours, City Sightseeing also provides boat tours, sightseeing train tours, and guided walking tours. A pre-recorded audio commentary is provided through headphones in multiple languages as the buses travel past major landmarks in the city. Depending on the type of tour you pick, you can also avail lucrative discounts for local attractions and landmarks. City Sightseeing also offers bundle packs, where tourists have the option of buying tickets for several attractions when they purchase a bus or boat ticket. City Sightseeing is presently available in Budapest, New York, Berlin, Singapore, Brussels, Prague, Lisbon, Seville, Dubai, Toronto and many others.

The Original Tour

City Sightseeing's London franchise is owned by The Original Tour. The tour operator is based in Wandsworth and is a subsidiary of RATP Dev. The tours are operated in comfortable open-top double decker buses. Guests have the option to purchase either a 24-hour ticket or a 48-hour ticket, and this ticket gives them access to any tour route and over 80 stops offered by The Original Tour. The company operates four sightseeing routes, with two connectors from other places linking to them. The HOHO tour is available daily and comes equipped with recorded commentary in English and other languages which can be listened to with headphones. A river cruise and three walking tours are also included in the ticket price.

Open Tour

Available in Paris, Open Tour allows you to witness breathtaking views of the Seine, Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower in open air, from the upper deck of comfortable hop-on-hop-off buses. To make things convenient for travelers, all three lines offered by Open Tour Paris can be accessed with one handy pass. Depending on the type of ticket you purchase, you'll get audio guides in 12 languages, free Wi-Fi on board, free walking tours, discounted and free entrance passes for certain attractions, and more! The Open Tour Paris pass is valid for one year from the date of purchase, offering you unprecedented flexibility when planning your trip.

Golden Tour

Established in 1984, Golden Tours began by operating coach tours and airport transfers to popular tourist attractions in the UK, including the Roman Baths and Stonehenge. In June 2011, the company began offering open top bus services within Central London, which is now included in the London Pass. Presently, Golden Tour's fleet consists of 67 buses and coaches, 39 0pen top double-decker vehicles, 19 executive coaches and 9 double-decker themes vehicles. In 2012, Golden Tours also became the preferred partners of Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter and runs a bus service to the studios in Abbots Langley.

Barcelona City Tour

Barcelona's official hop on hop off tourist bus service, Barcelona City Tour allows you to discover the city from an exciting new perspective with their comfortable double-decker open-top buses. The bus tour operator offers two different routes, the East/Green and the West/Orange route. With a fleet of 40 double-decker buses that boasts a panoramic upper deck, you'll get to enjoy a unique view of the city. The lower deck is air-conditioned and the vehicles are equipped with comfortable seats to make your trip more enjoyable. Each bus also comes equipped with an automatic audio guide system in 15 languages, providing useful insights about each stop during the trip.

Barcelona Bus Turistic

Barcelona Bus Turistic is a hop on hop off service in Barcelona that'll take you to the most emblematic corners of the city. The bus tour includes an audio guide in 16 languages, free Wi-Fi, a map of the city and tourist information. Barcelona Bus Turistic offers three different routes that will take you through different areas of the city. During your tour, you'll get to enjoy iconic sights, including the Sagrada Família, Casa Batlló or La Pedrera. You'll also get to discover Barcelona and its attractions' best kept secrets.

I Love Rome

Explore the best of Rome with this hop-on hop-off bus tour that takes you to all of Rome's important monuments aboard the iconic pink  ‘I Love Rome’ buses. During the tour, you'll be provided with informative audio guides that shed some light on the unique history behind Rome’s iconic monuments and attractions. I Love Rome is operated by Gray Line Tours who have been fulfilling the exploration dreams of travellers from around the globe for over a 100 years.