Krakow Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours

Krakow hop-on hop-off bus tours | Exploring the heart of Poland

Krakow, a city steeped in history and culture, beckons travelers from around the world with its stunning architecture, rich heritage, and vibrant atmosphere. This city has it all, from the medieval Old Town and iconic Wawel Castle to the poignant Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial. 

And the best way to soak it all in? Krakow Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tours! With just one ticket, you will unlock a world of experiences and get the chance to explore at your own pace. Read on to discover why this bus tour is a must for your Krakow adventure.

Why choose Krakow hop on hop off bus tours?

Why Choose Krakow Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours?
  • Convenience: Say goodbye to complicated transport logistics. With just one ticket, you can hop on and off at various stops throughout the city, making sightseeing a breeze.
  • Add-Ons: Get more bang for your buck with complimentary perks like entry into selected attractions and serene boat rides.
  • Recorded Commentary: Learn about Krakow's rich history with informative audio guides available in multiple languages. 
  • Flexibility: Create your itinerary, explore at your own pace, and revisit your favorite attractions as many times as you want during your chosen ticket duration.
  • Scenic Routes: Enjoy panoramic views of the city as you traverse the meticulously planned routes, ensuring you don't miss any of Krakow's hidden gems.

Please check your tickets for more information about the special features and inclusions provided with the ticket.

Krakow hop on hop off bus tour timetable & route

Krakow Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour Timetable & Route


  • First bus: 10 AM from Stop #1, located at Hotel Galaxy.
  • Last bus: 2:10 PM from Stop #1, located at Hotel Galaxy.

Boarding points: Click here to find the boarding points.

Frequency: Every 50 minutes.

Popular Stops: You won't want to miss these key attractions along the route: Wawel Castle, the Kosciuszko Mound, Muzeum Narodowe, Oskar Schindler's Factory, and Heroes of the Ghetto Square.

Krakow hop on hop off bus route map

Krakow Hop On Hop Off Visitor Tips and Guidelines

  • Ticket variety: There are various Krakow Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour ticket options, including 24-hour and 48-hour passes, so opt for the one that best suits your itinerary.
  • Online booking: Book your Krakow hop-on hop-off bus tour tickets online in advance to save time and ensure availability. 
  • Hop-on, Hop-off: True to their name, these tours allow you to hop on and off at any designated stop. Feel free to explore an attraction thoroughly and then catch the next bus when you're ready to move on.
  • Sun protection: Krakow can get sunny, so pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. You'll be thankful for the protection as you explore the city.
  • Timely schedule: Be mindful of the bus schedule. Buses usually run at regular intervals, but it's a good idea to check the timetable so you don't miss your ride back.
  • Headphones ready: The buses come equipped with multilingual audio guides. Grab a pair of headphones, sit back, and enjoy the insightful commentary in your preferred language.

Frequently asked questions about Krakow hop-on hop-off bus tour tickets

Does Krakow have a hop-on hop-off bus tour?

Yes, Krakow offers a hop-on hop-off bus tour that allows you to explore the city at your own pace.

Where can I buy Krakow hop-on hop-off tickets?

You can purchase your Krakow hop-on hop-off bus tours tickets online in advance.

What is the price of Krakow hop-on hop-off tickets?

The starting price of Krakow hop-on hop-off tickets is zł60.

What are the hop-on hop-off bus timings in Krakow?

Hop-on hop-off buses in Krakow run from 10 AM to 2:10 PM.

What attractions are covered during a Krakow hop-on hop-off bus tour?

The Krakow hop-on hop-off bus tour covers a wide range of attractions, including Wawel Castle, Schindler's Factory, Kosciuszko Mound, Muzeum Narodowe, and more.

Are audio guides provided during a hop-on hop-off bus tour in Krakow?

Yes, audio guides are available on board the hop-on hop-off buses in Krakow in multiple languages to provide you with interesting insights about the city.

What audio guide languages are available on Krakow hop-on hop-off buses?

Audio guides are available in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Russian on Krakow hop-on hop-off buses, ensuring a diverse range of options for visitors.

Are Krakow hop-on hop-off bus tours accessible for persons with disabilities?

Yes, Krakow hop-on hop-off buses are equipped to accommodate passengers with disabilities. It's advisable to check in advance and inform the staff of any specific needs.