Genoa Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours

All top attractions covered
All top attractions covered
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Regular schedule. Unlimited rides
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Last minute availability. Instant confirmation

Genoa hop on hop off bus tours

Genoa is a port city in northwestern Italy, known for its historic center, medieval architecture, and seafood cuisine. It’s also renowned for its ancient maritime history. Immerse yourself in the the vibrant Genovese culture aboard hop-on hop-off tours. Please note that the hop on hop off services are only available till November 30, 2023. Here’s all you need to know for choosing the ideal hop on hop off tour.

Why choose Genoa hop on hop off bus tours?

  • Convenience first: Explore the best of Genoa in just a day (or two) from the vantage point of a sightseeing bus. Hop on and off at your leisure to dive into the attractions that catch your eye.
  • Ticket validity: Benefit from tickets that are valid either 24 or 48 hours from the time of purchase. This gives you the flexibility of planning an itinerary that works best for you. 
  • Budget-friendly: This is an economical travel option that spares you the expense of multiple taxi rides or the hassle of navigating public transportation.
  • Extras included: Enjoy complimentary on-board Wi-Fi, and make your friends and family envious by sharing photos with the hashtag #picswithaview.
  • Narration and commentary: Benefit from recorded commentary available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Italian, German and Russian.
  • Walk the talk: Download the free 'Sightseeing Experience' app for a complimentary walking tour in six languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian as you stroll through Piazza Caricamento, Palazzo San Giorgio, Piazza Banchi, Caruggi, Cattedrale San Lorenzo, Piazza San Matteo and Piazza de Ferrari e Palazzo Ducale
  • Scenic delights: Revel in unobstructed panoramic views of Genoa's stunning landscapes and iconic landmarks from the open-top double-decker bus.
  • Combo advantage: Unlock access to iconic Genoa monuments, such as the Genoa Aquarium or the Museum of Illusions, with the purchase of combo tickets.

Please check your tickets for more information about the special features and inclusions provided with the ticket.

Genoa hop on hop off bus tour timetable

Genoa hop on hop off bus tour routes

Citysightseeing Genova

There are 2 routes with a total of 21 stops.

Line A (Red route): 10 stops

  • This route seamlessly blends Genoa’s maritime heritage, architectural wonders, cultural richness, and modern vitality. It stops at popular spots like Piazza de Ferrari, Stazione Brignole, Corvetto and more.
  • Timings: 10:15 AM to 5:15 PM • Full loop: 1 hour

Line B (Blue route): 11 stops

  • This scenic route offers port views, taking you to Boccadasse, Levante Waterfront, Scalinata Borghese and and more.
  • Timings: 10:00 AM to 6:15 PM • Full loop: 1 hour

Genoa hop on hop off tour stops


This historical area is adjacent to the port, facing several old buildings. It sets the stage for maritime tales and cultural exploration.

Fontane Marosa via Garibaldi

This area is famous for the fiery fountain at the edge of the historic centre.

Piazza de Ferrari

The heart of Genoa, it is the main city square. The grand fountain takes center stage, surrounded by bustling activity and architectural splendor.

Stazione Brignole

This is Genoa’s second-largest train station that links Genoa with the wider world.

Via XX Settembre

Enter a lively and stylish shopping district, where fashion and culture converge.


Home to the Santa Maria Assunta, which is a Renaissance basilica. This area brims with history and charm.


Another big city square, this Genovese area is an important traffic square.


A waterfront area that combines the allure of the sea with the vibrancy of city life, visit shops, public elevators and more.

Stazione Principe

This is the main transportation hub in Genoa. Stazione Principe welcomes visitors to Genoa with open arms and is a gateway to exploration.

Cruise Terminal

Genoa is home to Europe’s second largest port, so this is the  point where journeys by sea begin or end.

Levante Waterfront

A luxurious residential stretch along the sea, these homes combine the allure of the waterfront with the charm of Genoa.


A picturesque seaside village, this is a hidden gem with colorful buildings hugging the coastline, creating a postcard-perfect scene.

Scalinata Borghese

A staircase that serves as a pathway to elevated views, offering a unique perspective of Genoa's beauty.

Genoa hop on hop off visitor tips and guidelines

  • Ticket Duration: Your ticket remains valid for either 24 or 48 hours from the moment of purchase, depending on the ticket type. Ensure you make the most of your sightseeing opportunities within this timeframe.
  • Timeliness: These buses adhere to a consistent schedule. Should you miss your intended departure, expect a wait of at least 30 minutes until the next bus arrives.
  • Access guided walking tours: Utilize the complimentary walking tour guide offered through the Citysightseeing app to delve into the history of Genoa's key locations.
  • Be weather-ready: Given the open-top design, be ready for weather fluctuations. Carry an umbrella or hat to shield yourself from the intense sun or sudden rain.
  • Upper deck seating: The seats on the upper deck are highly sought after for their unhindered views. If you prefer these seats, aim to board the bus at the starting point or during off-peak hours.
  • Safety protocols: Exercise caution with your belongings, particularly in crowded buses. Avoid carrying valuables while on the move.
  • Opt for combo hop on hop off tours: Invest in tickets that grant access to must-visit sites like the Genoa Aquarium or the Museum of Illusions for a comprehensive exploration of Genoa's historical treasures.

Frequently asked questions about Genoa hop-on-hop-off tours

Does Genoa have a hop on hop off bus tour?

Yes, Genoa has a hop-on-hop off tour that allows you to witness the top attractions of the city like the Caricamento, Portello, Corvetto, Levante Waterfront and more. With combo tickets, you can even visit the Genoa Aquarium and Museum of Illusions.

Where can I buy Genoa hop on hop off tickets?

Booking Genoa hop on hop off bus tours online is strongly encouraged as you can avail best deals and visit major attractions at a reduced price.

What are the most popular Genoa hop on hop off bus tour options?

The Citysightseeing bus is the most popular hop-on hop-off bus tour option in Genoa. You can choose between Line A (red Line) or Line B (Blue line) to see the most iconic landmarks of this maritime city.

What is the duration of a hop on hop off bus tour in Genoa?

Both Lines A and B of the Citysightseeing hop on hop off bus lasts about 60 minutes, with each bus departing roughly every 30 minutes.

What are the hop-on-hop-off bus timings in Genoa?

The buses departing from Lines A and B depart at 10:15 AM and 10:00 AM respectively. The Line A and Line B tours end at 5:15 PM and 6:15 PM respectively.

What attractions are covered during a Genoa hop on hop off bus tour?

You can expect to see attractions like Caricamonte, the Genoa Aquarium, Museum of Illusions, Levante Waterfront and more during the course of your Genoa hop on hop off tour.

Are audioguides provided during a hop on hop off bus tour in Genoa?

Yes, Genoa hop on hop off tours come with multilingual audioguides.

What audio guide languages are available on Genoa hop on hop off buses?

Audioguides are available in English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian and French on Genoa hop-on-hop-off buses.

Are Genoa hop on hop off bus tours accessible for persons with disabilities?

Up to one wheelchair user can get on board the Genoa hop on hop off bus. Please note that only buses that have footboards and a dedicated space for wheelchairs are accessible.

Do Genoa hop on hopnoff buses have hotel pickups?

No, Genoa hop on hop off buses do not have hotel pickups.