Big Bus Dubai Tours

Explore the diversity of Dubai with an extensive tour onboard a premier double-decker bus. The Big Bus Dubai Hop On Hop Off tour allows you to explore all of the city’s dynamic offerings with ease. Hop onto one of these air-conditioned buses and hop off at any of the numerous stops to take a closer look at desired attractions. 

Once you’re done sightseeing in a particular area, you can hop back on any of the frequent Big Bus vehicles to continue your journey. Choose between the 1-day, 2-day or 5-day packages and have a joyous trip with Big Bus. 

Why Choose Big Bus Dubai Hop On Hop Off Tours?

Dubai is a city that can lure you in with its mind-blowing attractions, rustic Arabian charm and diverse crowds. Visitors can choose to explore historic sights, landmark buildings and even cruise the nearby Arabian Gulf or the Dubai Creek. Sightseeing is made easy through Big Bus’ three routes - one that encompasses the city (Red Route), one for the Marina (Blue Route) and one for the beachfront (Green Route). They also provide free guided walking tours.

Simply pick a route to suit your interests and hop on at one of the convenient stops to explore the area you desire. Forget about taxi fares and car rentals and focus on a relaxing yet informative ride instead. Enjoy panoramic views of the city and learn important information through a complementary audio guide that is available in 12 languages. The Big Bus Tour in Dubai also grants free access to 7 museums in the city.

Dubai Big Bus Hop On Hop Off Tour Advantages

Rather than fretting about what, when and how to visit all the attractions you want, simply buy a Big Bus tour ticket and reap the benefits of cheap travel to important landmarks along with informative guides.

1. Overview of the city

The Big Bus hop on hop off in Dubai gives visitors a comprehensive overview of the city and its surrounding areas. Visitors can choose to sit on the lower or top deck, enjoy the ambience and be driven around the iconic city and its must-see attractions with ease.

The 3 routes of the Big Bus hop on hop off tour cover over 30 attractions and passengers can marvel at some of the city’s landmarks including the Dubai Mall, JBR Walk and the Burj Al Arab while riding the bus.

2. Ease of getting around

Since a first-time visitor will have no knowledge of the traffic rules, routes and detours - deciding on travel plans can turn into a headache pretty quickly. The Big Bus Dubai Hop On Hop Off tour can eliminate this worry entirely with its expertly-planned routes, aimed for customer satisfaction. Instead of being stuck in rentals or taxis under Dubai’s scorching sun, you can relax on-board an air-conditioned bus that takes you where you want to go on time and in comfort.

3. Various routes to choose from

The Big Bus Dubai tour offers 3 routes that help visitors explore the city thoroughly. The Red Route features 9 stops around the city and a live-English speaking guide. Attractions along this route include the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, Arabian Old Souk and the Wafi Courtyard. If you want to explore sights surrounding the Marina, the Blue Route is best suited for you. This route takes you to attractions such as the Emirates Mall, JBR Walk and Atlantis The Palm.

The Green Route takes you along the Jumeirah Public Beach, Souk Madinat and 4 other stops. Choose the one that is best suited for you and have the tour of a lifetime. 

4. Informative commentary

Passengers can learn about Dubai and its attractions/monuments via a live English-speaking guide on the red route buses. The blue and green route buses offer complimentary headphones so travellers can listen to the audio guide, which is available in 12 languages.

Depending on the package you choose, the Big Bus tour offers several complementary resources, including guided walking tours. The tour also comes with complimentary access to 7 different museums, including the Sheikh Maktoum Palaceand the Dubai Museum.

5. Savings

One-Time ticket purchase will allow travellers to roam around the city in comfort, on a guided tour, and explore its best offerings. This is a far better option than spending a ton of money on multiple rentals or taxis.

You can also save money by visiting the pocket-friendly attractions along the routes. The Big Bus Dubai Hop On Hop Off tour also offers free tickets to 7 illustrious museums in the city while also providing a free rewards voucher booklet. This booklet features discounts available at several attractions.

6. Night Tour

Traverse through Dubai’s most famous landmarks at night with the Big Bus Night Tour. The nearly three-hour ride takes tourists around the city as they learn about its engaging history via audio commentary in 12 different languages.

Enjoy the gentle night breeze and take in the sight of monuments such as the Burj Khalifa, Atlantis The Palm, Dubai Mall, Jumeirah Mosque and the Al Maktoum Bridge. The Night Tour begins at 7:45 PM at the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates and 8 PM at the Souk Madinat.

7. Free Dhow Cruise

A dhow is a traditional ship used mainly in the Arabian region and you can experience a complimentary cruise on the vessel. The dhow cruise travels along Dubai Creek, providing passengers with scenic views and a look at monuments such as the Al Fahidi Fort.

The 1-hour long cruise offers free compelling commentary and allows visitors to purchase refreshments on board. Passengers can climb on-board at the Spice Souk stop between 10:30 AM and 5:30 PM.

8. Freebies

Depending on the package, tourists get several complimentary gifts and experiences, including guided walking tours, a 1-hour marina cruise, entry passes for 7 museums and a half-day outing to Sharjah. The Night Tour and free dhow cruises are also part of all 3 packages. 

Passengers can pick up a voucher and rewards booklet once they enter the Big Bus. This booklet contains many vouchers and discounts that can be used at some of the city’s main attractions and shopping centres. 

Big Bus Dubai Ticket Options

The Big Bus Dubai Hop On Hop Off is available in 3 packages, these are:

Classic Ticket
Premium Ticket
Deluxe Ticket

This ticket lasts for one day after purchase.

  • Provides hop on hop off access to the many air-conditioned Big Bus tour buses roaming the city.
  • Choose between 3 well-planned routes and explore the many attractions along the way.
  • Enables access to guided walking tours at popular sites.
  • Learn about Dubai’s rich history and present via the complimentary audio guide, which comes in 12 different languages, and headphones.
  • Passengers are also provided with the option of availing a free 1-hour cruise on-board a traditional dhow and cruise along Dubai Creek.
  • The enthralling night tour of the city is also included in the package.
  • Ticket holders are allowed entry to 7 major museums in the city.

Popular Dubai Big Bus Routes

Big Bus Dubai Map

Red Route (City Tour)
Blue Route (Marina Tour)
Green Route (Beach Tour)

The Red Route travels around important locations around Dubai and is perfect for exploring the history-rich, diverse city. The route starts at the Dubai Mall, with the first bus at 8:50 AM. The area features an enormous mall along with the Downtown Discovery Walk, an aquarium and the world-famous Burj Khalifa. The rest of the stops are Burjuman, the Al Fahidi Fort, the Arabian Old Souk, Heritage Village, Spice and Gold Souk, Riviera, Deira City Centre, and the Wafi Courtyard. This route lasts for around 90 minutes.

Visitors along this route can indulge in various entertainment areas, historic monuments (such as the Grand Mosque), old-fashioned marketplaces (souk), and other shopping centres.

Popular Dubai Big Bus Hop On Hop-off Stops

Travellers frequent these 5 stops when they take a Big Bus hop on hop off tour in Dubai:


Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the starting point for both the Red and Green routes. The mall provides a delightful shopping experience with over 1200 retail shops, a 22-screen cinema complex, an indoor theme park, an aquarium and underwater zoo and a Rainforest Cafe. The mall is ideal for travellers of all ages and backgrounds with its vast range of offerings.


Al Fahidi Fort

The Al Fahidi Fort is the oldest building in this historic city and hosts the Dubai Museum. The fort is located right opposite the Grand Mosque, which acts as a hub for the city’s religious folks. Non-muslims are not allowed to enter the mosque but can still visit the 70-foot tall minaret tower, the tallest in the city, and click pictures.


Atlantis The Palm

The 9th stop on the blue route is a luxury resort that is known worldwide and is often seen in films or TV shows set in Dubai. Located on the Palm Jumeirah island, the enormous resort features a memorable exterior along with elegant rooms (most of which have a sea or gulf view), 23 restaurants, a water park, an aquarium, spa and lots more.

Apart from the resort itself, travellers can opt to drive along the man-made crescent-shaped Palm Island, swim with dolphins at Dolphin Bay and visit the Lost Chambers of Atlantis.


City Walk

The City Walk is an outdoor shopping complex, lined with palm trees with a fountain at the centre. The Big Bus tour has a stop outside this complex on the Green route. Close to this complex is the Green Planet - an extensive indoor rainforest which hosts hundreds of animals, birds and plants. 

Travellers can also head to Hub Zero, an expansive indoor theme park that is perfect for families, children and couples of all ages.


Jumeira Beach

Jumeirah Beach is one of the most popular stops to hop off on the Green Route. The white sand beach is free and open to the public. There are also several restaurants in the area where you can have a meal. 

Those looking to relax with some snacks and beverages on the beach or go for a leisurely walk will love this beach.

Suggested Big Bus Dubai Itineraries

We recommend the following itineraries for travellers based on the duration of their visit:

1-Day Itinerary
2-Day Itinerary
3-Day Itinerary

If you plan to sightsee across Dubai for just a day then the Red Route on the Big Bus hop on hop off tour is your best bet. The route has 9 stops located near the city’s most famous offerings, with many other attractions also present in nearby areas.

The Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, the Al Fahidi Fort, the Spice and Gold Souk along with the Wafi Courtyard are a must-see on this route. These iconic locations have been maintained in pristine condition and many have been rebuilt over the years.

The Red route is ideal for a 1-day exploration of Dubai but if you’re still not satisfied you can hop on the complimentary night tour, which offers beautiful views of the city on-board a comfortable bus.

Big Bus Dubai Hop On Hop Off Tips

Make the most of your Big Bus hop on hop off tour by using the following tips:

  • Consider buying your tickets for the Big Bus Dubai hop on hop off tour online for quick entry. Some online ticket distributors even offer discounts for advance purchases.
  • Advance ticket purchases also give you the advantage of free cancellations up to 24 hours before the start of the tour. This is valuable in case you change your plans.
  • Check out the routes available online and quickly plan the attractions you want to visit and through which route.
  • In case you are curious about what to visit and what to skip, the on-site staff and the audio guide are of great help.
  • We suggest that all travellers dress modestly as Dubai is a Muslim country that follows Sharia law.
  • Since the summers can get scorching hot in Dubai, the best time to visit would be from November to March so you can make the most of the open-top buses that Big Bus provides.
  • Please remember that the 2 and 5-day tickets are only valid for the stated number of days from the starting date of the tour. For example, the 2-day tickets will expire 2 days from when you begin the tour. The tickets must be used consecutively rather than intermittently.
  • Consider packing snacks and carrying water during the tour as they may be unavailable or unreasonably priced at some locations. 

Big Bus Dubai Hop On Hop Off Reviews

“ We were in Dubai just for a day and decided to take the tour. The Night tour was the best part of the trip and was beautiful. Big Bus staff were very helpful and helped in navigation. Definitely worth the money. The dhow cruise was also really pretty and they had good drinks on board.”

“Big Bus Dubai helped me and my group of friends move around the city and visit sites easily. The tour was reasonably priced for the 3-day package. We thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and even stopped by at one of the museums, which we got free tickets for. Definitely recommend the Big Bus hop on hop off tour to other travellers.”

“Booked the 5-day Bug Bus tour for me and my wife and I must say, it was totally worth it. We went to so many places and got to see Dubai from a different perspective. The package had many free goodies and amenities for us, including a trip to Sharjah. The most memorable was the sunset ride in the desert and the aquarium. Big Bus staff was also super friendly and helpful.”