Barcelona is currently one of the premier tourist destinations in Europe and definitely one of the most delightful places on the planet. There are a number of ways to explore this beautiful city, but the hop on hop off buses are truly a blessing in disguise if you want to hit the major spots in the city within a day or two. The hop on hop off buses cover multiple major attractions of the city and you have the option to pick and choose which spots you want to visit. Read on to find out more about the hop on hop off bus services in Barcelona.

Why Choose a Barcelona Hop On Hop Off Tour

There are several reasons for picking a hop on hop off tour when visiting Barcelona. Hop on hop off tours makes economic sense as you have to pay once and you can visit as many attractions as you want. Once you are done with a particular spot, you can climb on board the next bus. It is the ultimate option for budget travelers.

You can take your pick of the timing. The bus network has a number of buses running and the next bus is never too long a wait away. Another reason people seem to like this mode of exploring the city is because of the flexibility and convenience it affords you. You choose to hit every spot on the route or choose to sit tight on the bus and enjoy Barcelona’s extraordinary cityscape.

Finally, the biggest reason for you to consider hop on hop off tours in Barcelona is the multiple routes it offers. This feature sets the Barcelona Hop On Hop Off bus service apart from the similar services in other major European cities.

Advantages of Going for City Sightseeing Hop On Hop Off

Overview of the City

Hop On Hop Off tours of Barcelona provide you the opportunity to view Barcelona at a glance. The city is quite large and has witnessed centuries of history. Consequently, it is spangled with a number of attractions that are worth visiting. Hop On Hop Off tours take you through these attractions while providing you with relevant information that is geared towards helping you choose which place to visit. These tours are a perfect way to explore the city for a first-timer.

Ease of Getting Around

Getting a ticket to Hop On Hop Off buses means that you don’t have to figure out how the public transportation system in Barcelona works. The buses serve as an all-encompassing means of transport that only serve the listed tourist attractions. You can head to the next destination by boarding any other bus on the same route.

Various Routes to Choose from

Barcelona Hop On Hop Off buses service plies on three different routes. In combination, these three routes cover the entire city and almost all its major tourist spots. The separate routes enable tourists to choose the monuments and attractions they want to visit. You can even choose two different routes on two different days for a comprehensive Barcelona experience.

Informative Commentary

When on a tour in a new city, it is essential to have enough information at your fingertips to make the exploration more fun. While at most tours, you will need to pay more for a guide, Hop On Hop Off tours come with a pre-recorded audio guide that provides you with the required information. These commentaries are also available in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, and Turkish for your convenience. 


One of the biggest hassles of dealing with a major city is its traffic, public transport, and the maze of routes that are generally available. Hop On Hop Off tours take these out of the equation by providing a unified means of transport specifically for the major tourist attractions of Barcelona. The payment is one-time and it lets you access the entire fleet of buses on the route. Just as the name suggests, you are free to get on and get off as you please without having to purchase another ticket.

Attraction Entries

Another popular feature of a Hop On Hop Off bus tour is the discounts and attraction entry tickets that are provided with the tickets. Since most Hop On Hop Off tours are run by the government tourism departments, entry to a lot of attractions are heavily discounted for the ones who hold the Hop On Hop Off tour tickets. The Barcelona Hop On Hop Off tour tickets can lead to a savings of €250 on attractions and food expenses.


Apart from the aforementioned inclusions, the Hop On Hop Off tours also include a few freebies that vary from service to service. Freebies on board the buses may include refreshments and free internet access. Barcelona Hop On Hop Off buses come with expert local guides who can help you navigate the city and provide in-depth information about the attractions. Free guide maps and discount voucher books are also available with Hop On Hop Off tickets.

Barcelona Hop On Hop Off Bus Routes

The Hop On Hop Off buses in Barcelona plies on 3 different routes, each of which covers a separate section of the city. 

The blue route covers the northern and western parts of Barcelona. The total duration of the route is about 2 hours and it includes some of the most sought-after spots in the city such as Passeig de Gràcia, Sagrada Família, Gràcia, Park Güell, Tibidabo, Camp Nou, and Pedralbes.

The red route traverses over the southern and southwestern parts of the city. This route also has a total duration of close to 2 hours. The popular monuments and attractions in the city that can be accessed on this route are Passeig de Gràcia, Avinguda Diagonal, Montjuïc, Ciutadella Park, and Port Vell.

The green route covers the famous beaches of Barcelona and intersects with the red route. This route takes a total of 40 minutes to complete one trip. Poblenou, Parc Diagonal, Forum, and Port Olimpic are the most renowned stops on this route.

Popular Hop On Hop Off Stops

Platja del Bogatell (towards Forum)

This green route stoppage is located close to one of the most happening beach spots in Barcelona. Close to this stop is Platja del Bogatell beach, known for hosting a number of beach sport games. It is also close to a number of famous eateries, bars, and nightclubs.

Barri Gotic

The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is arguably the most popular spot in the city. From legendary eateries to famous monuments, this part of the city has it all. The Barri Gotic stop on the red route is, therefore, one of the most used stops on the Hop On Hop Off tours of Barcelona.

Passeig de Gracia

The Passeig de Gracia stoppage on the red route passes through a very famous neighborhood of Barcelona. Not only is the stop close to Casa Mila, but it is also in close proximity to a number of international luxury brand outlets and restaurants.

Park Guell

Park Guell is an important stop on the blue route of the Barcelona Hop On Hop Off tour. The stop is walking distance from the Park Guell and the Gaudi Museum. There are a number of other attractions in the vicinity as well, including a number of fancy restaurants and shopping areas.

FC Barcelona

The West-most stop of the blue route is also one of its most popular stops. The FC Barcelona stop allows direct access to the Nou Camp complex that includes the stadium and the FC Barcelona Museum. This is the most important place in the city for any fan of the historic club and the sport itself.

Barcelona Hop On Hop Off Itinerary

1-Day Itinerary
2-Day Itinerary

Since Barcelona offers three different routes for Hop On Hop Off tours, the first thing you need to figure out is which part of the city you want to focus on. On a 1-day trip to Barcelona, picking more than one route will be exhausting. It would be best if you go with the blue route for a 1-day trip to Barcelona.

Have a filling breakfast and head to Placa de Catalunya to start your travel by 10 AM. The good thing about the blue route is the fact that the first three stops on this route are the three most popular spots in the city. You should get done with the Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, and Sagrada Familia as early in the day as possible. The next major stop is at Park Guell, followed by Tibidabo. During the lull of the afternoon, you should reach Camp Nou and catch the stadium and museum tour just in time. Your trip should end by 6 PM, post which you can unwind at your hotel before heading out for your next destination.

Since the blue route covers some of the most popular destinations in Barcelona, you should reserve the first day for that route. You can visit Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Tibidabo, Pedralbes Monastery, and FC Barcelona Museum on this route. Take your time visiting the attractions on this route as it will save you some time on the second day of your trip.

Begin your second day early with the red route. You do not have to get down at the first three stops as you have already covered them with the blue route. Your first major stop on this route would Placa de Espanya. The next stop will be at Montjuic Fountain followed by Poble Espanyol. As the sun climbs higher, you should head towards Telefèric de Montjuïc. The view of the city from the cable car is at its best close to noon. The final major stop on this route is at the Maritime Museum.

After having your lunch, you can switch routes at Port Olimpic and head to the beaches via the green route. On this route, you will be able to choose from a number of beaches including the Platja de la Mar Bella, Playa de Bogatell, and Platja de la Nova Icària. You can also shop to your heart’s content at the Forum.

Barcelona Hop On Hop Off Tips

  • For both red and blue routes, start your day early. These routes take you to some of the most popular attractions in the city and an early start will serve you well.
  • Browse the discount voucher book carefully before leaving for the tour. You can save a fortune if you plan your day around the coupons.
  • Read the route map and figure out the exchange stops. You can switch routes on these spots and head to a different set of attractions.
  • If the weather is cold and you do not have sufficient cover, do not sit in the open part of the bus. If it is a sunny day, remember to put on sunblock before going to the open top.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes as you will need to do some walking between the stops and the attractions.
  • Hop On Hop Off bus tickets can only be canceled up to 48 hours before the tour. Do not leave this decision for the hour before you have to board the bus.
  • Carry water on the trip. The entire tour can take over 5 hours and staying hydrated is vital.


"We bought the two-day ticket with skip the line access to Sagrada Familia and it was worth every penny. There are three routes and all the main attractions are covered. Commentary via headphones in numerous languages comes free of cost with the tour. The best part was the frequency of buses and friendly staff. Great way to see the city and decide where and when you want to get off to see the various attractions."

"We wanted to get an overview of Barcelona and had only 1 day without scheduled tours. We decided to book the Barcelona Bus Turistic online before we left home and sat upstairs. You get a great view of Barcelona from the top. They give you headphones that you plug in to hear the commentary in your language of choice. Lots of fun."

"I pre purchased tickets online but you can buy them on the bus or at their kiosks around the city center. Once on the bus, they give you disposable headphones, a map with all the routes, and a coupon booklet. The commentary was good throughout and a bus comes by every 20 minutes in low season and every 5 minutes in high season. It was an easy way to get to Sagrada Família and Park Güell and then back to the Eixample."