London City Tours

London City Tours

The double-decker City Tour hop-on hop-off bus is one of the most convenient and comfortable ways to go sightseeing in London. The City Tour company offers London hop-on hop-off tours with 70+ bus stops near the city’s top attractions and landmarks. 

Hop-on Hop-off bus tours allow you to explore all of the city’s exciting offerings hassle-free. Hop onto one of their buses and hop off at any of the numerous stops to take a closer look at desired attractions.

London City Tour offers over 70 stops across numerous routes with comfortable coaches. It is one assured way of ensuring that you have a comfortable experience sightseeing while you save on money and time!

Why Choose London City Tour?

london city tour

The London City Tour Hop-on Hop-off bus routes are designed so that their stops are within close walking distance of the city’s major landmarks, attractions, and monuments.

Even of you don’t wish to get on and off, you can get an overview of the city by just sitting in the bus and travelling the different routes. 

You can choose from six routes – the Yellow Original Tour, Blue Royal Borough Route, Orange British Tour, and Red, Purple and Silver, Shuttle Routes

It is an excellent way to avoid the stress and expense of planning your transportation in a new city. City Tour HOHO buses have well-planned fixed routes that make it easy to plan an itinerary.

With London City Tour you can listen to pre-recorded commentary in 10+ languages to learn about the history and interesting facts of the attractions as you pass them.

Your London City Tour Ticket Options Explained

London City Tour

24 Hour Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour

  • Get a 24-hour ticket and see the best of London from an open-top bus for 1 day. 
  • Stops at all the major sights such as London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and Madame Tussauds.
  • There are complementary walking tours and a free River Thames cruise included in your ticket.
  • Listen to an audio guide in 10+ languages and learn more about the city’s landmarks. 

Flexible Cancelation Policy: Get a full refund on canceling this ticket up to 24 hours in advance.

London City Tour

48 Hour Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour

  • Get a 48-hour ticket and see the top sights in London from a double-decker bus for 2 days. 
  • Explore some of the major sights such as Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, and Madame Tussauds.
  • Enjoy three complimentary walking tours and a free River Thames cruise.
  • Listen to the audio commentary that is available onboard in 10+ different languages. 

Flexible Cancelation Policy: Get a full refund on canceling this ticket up to 24 hours in advance.

Buy London City Tours Tickets

24/48/72-Hr London Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour with River Thames Cruise

Free Cancellation
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Mobile Ticket
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Golden Tours: London Hop-On Hop-Off Tour + Free Extra 24Hrs

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Audio Guide
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Big Bus London: 24, 48, or 72-Hour Hop-On-Hop-Off + Cruise

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London City Tours Timetable

Yellow Original Tour Route

  • Timing: 8:30 AM to 6 PM
  • Frequency: Every 15-20 minutes

Blue Royal Borough Route 

  • Timing: 8 AM to 6 PM
  • Frequency: Every 15-20 minutes

Orange British Tour Route 

  • Timing: 8:35 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Frequency: Every 20 minutes

Morning Silver Shuttle Tour

  • Timings: 8 AM to 9:00 AM
  • Frequency: Every 20 minutes

Red Shuttle Route

  • Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Frequency: Every 30-60 minutes

Purple Shuttle

  • Timings: 9:30 AM to 5 PM
  • Frequency: Every 30-60 minutes

Cruise Details

  • Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Frequency: Every 30-40 minutes

Stops: Tower Pier, Greenwich Pier, Westminster Pier, or London Eye Pier

London City Tours Routes

London City Tour

Yellow Original Tour Route

The Yellow Route takes you to all the main Central London landmarks, including the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, St Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye, The Shard, Tower Bridge and Leicester Square, and more

The first bus starts at Grosvenor Garden at 8:30 AM and the last bus is at 6 PM.

Orange British Tour Route

The Orange Route is perfect for visitors that want to see the best of North London. Stops include the British Museum, the British Library, King’s Cross Station, Chinatown, and Covent Garden.

The first bus departs from Woburn Place at 8:35 AM and the last bus is at 5:30 PM all year round.

Blue Royal Borough Route

The Blue Route is perfect for visitors that want to see the best of Central and West London. It covers Kensington Place, Royal Albert Hall, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye.

The first bus departs from Kensington Road at 8 AM and the last bus leaves at 6 PM. 

Morning Silver Shuttle

This Morning pick-up shuttle service is a way for you to conveniently get from West London, Bayswater, Notting Hill, Holland Park and Paddington, to Marble Arch in Central London. 

The first bus leaves Holland Park Avenue at 8:00 AM and last bus is at 9:00 AM

Red and Purple Shuttles

The Red Shuttle will take you from Marble Arch to Regent’s Park and back, while the Purple Shuttle is a way for you to travel from the hotel region of West London, including Holland Park, and Notting Hill to Central London. 

In the morning, the first bus leaves 9 AM, while in the evening the first bus leaves from 5 PM.

River Cruise

This complimentary one-way River Cruise takes you down the River Thames. It departs from Westminster Pier or or London Eye Pier, and stops at Tower Bridge Quay near The Tower of London, and at Greenwich Quay.

The first boat departs from Westminster Pier at 9 AM the last one leaves at 5 PM.

Highlights of the Barcelona Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

St. Paul's Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of Europe’s largest cathedrals Listen to the haunting acoustics in the Whispering Gallery and soaking in the breathtaking views offered by the Stone and Golden Galleries.

Buckingham Palace

Visit the Queen’s residence at Buckingham Palace. Stroll through the vast palatial gardens and witness the Change of Guards ceremony, at this treasure trove of royal experiences.

Westminster Abbey

One of the UK’s most important religious buildings, Westminster Abbey the burial and memorial site of writers, actors, scientists, thinkers, and other famous historical significant figures.

Parliament Square

Parliament Square has some of the capital’s most iconic buildings including Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and statues of famous leaders and historical figures.

London Eye

Experience a breathtaking view of London from atop the 443-feet high London Eye observation wheel located near the River Thames,  for a unique perspective of London.

River Thames

Explore the beautiful River Thames on a  River Cruise. Travel under the London Bridge, see the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and admire the Festival Hall and the London Eye.

London Bridge

Just off the banks of River Thames, the London Bridge area is famous for its restaurants and the Tower Bridge. Often confused with the London Bridge, the Tower Bridge has stunning river views.

Madame Tussauds

Home to lifelike wax figures of over 250 celebrities,at  Madame Tussauds you can see the Royal Family, Benedict Cumberbatch, James Bond, and more.

London City Tours Visitor Tips and Guidelines

  • Plan your day ahead in advance as the bus routes are in a loop and there are a few points where you can change over to other routes. Make sure you consider the timings of the attractions and the days of closing as you don’t want to waste time alighting at the wrong stops! 
  • As much as possible pre-book your tickets as you can avoid spending time in the queues outside attractions. You can purchase skip-the-line tickets for London attractions on Headout. 
  • The top deck is comfortable during summer but ensure you pack protective sun gear, like sunscreen and a hat, just in case it gets too hot. 
  • Remember that London follows the right-hand side driving system and if you want the best close-up views of the sights as you are passing by it’s best to use the seats on the right-hand side of the bus. 
  • It is advisable to carry snacks and water in a small backpack while on the bus. This is ideal if you wish to take a route loop and don’t wish to get down in between. 
  • London is great for walking and a few of the neighborhoods are best experienced while walking like Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, and Oxford Street. Make sure you visit these areas before or after the Bus tour timings so that you can make the best of using the bus to get around.

Frequently Asked Questions About London City Tour

Q. What is a London City Tour?

A. City Tour is one of the top hop-on hop-off tours in London.

Q. How do City Tour hop-on hop-off buses work in London?

A. Hop-on hop-off buses are tourist buses that allow you to board and leave whenever you like and sightsee at your own convenience.

Q. Where can I buy London City Tour hop-on hop-off tickets?

A. You can purchase London Hop-on hop-off bus tour tickets online.

Q. Are London City Tour hop-on hop-off tickets available online?

A. Yes, you can buy London City Tour hop-on-hop-off tickets online here.

Q. How much does a London City Tour hop-on hop-off bus cost?

A. There are multiple hop-on hop-off bus tours, most of which begin from £40.

Q. How often are the London City Tour hop-on hop-off buses?

A. London City Tour hop-on hop-off bus tours run at a frequency of 15 to 30 minutes.

Q. How many London City Tour routes are there?

A. There are three City Tour bus routes in London - the yellow, blue, and orange tours. There are also three shuttle routes - red, purple, and silver.

Q. Are there audio guides on the London City Tour hop-on hop-off bus tours?

A. Yes, you will get access to audio guides available in up to 11 languages to learn more about the city.

Q. Are the London City Tour hop-on hop-off bus tours accessibility-friendly?

A. Yes, the London City Tour hop-on hop-off tours are accessibility-friendly for wheelchair users.